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Peter Spence personal life coachPeter Spence personal life coachPeter Spence personal life coachPeter Spence personal life coach

Do you know what to do when your plans go awry and you are swamped with too many options?  



Past client experiences

Rochelle Carmichael Liquid Skin: Producer, Choreographer, Performer, Dance and Pilates Instructor.

"I recently had the opportunity to share some personal concerns with Peter Spence. I was feeling quite stuck in relation to understanding them and ways that I could shift these concerns and progress forwards with my thoughts.  Peter listened to my concerns and rather than tell me what to do, he was able to direct the conversation so that I could reach my own realisations. 

Peter has a wonderful warm, friendly, and confident approach. I felt comfortable sharing my concerns, as there is no judgement or ‘right and wrong’ with Peter. This kind of self-reflection supported by another caring voice is an inspirational way to help yourself with challenges. I highly recommend Peter as a life coach, if you are looking for thoughtful, encouraging and safe person to talk to.

Thanks Peter"


 “Being coached by Peter Spence was a powerful experience. For the first time in my life I felt equipped and empowered to take the necessary steps to create the relationships that enrich me. I have a history of terrible organisation and I am now able to control my finances and maintain my responsibility to myself and my family. I highly recommend anyone this utterly valuable mentoring experience” 

Richard Healey Acupuncturist and Carer

"I found Peter Spence incredibly transformative. 

His vibrancy and natural ability to revival a deeper perspective helped me to grow and stretch in a way that truly serves me as an individual. I felt understood, connected and supported in my focus and highly recommend what he offers in his coaching program. 

I worked with Peter over a one year period. His style of self empowerment and depth of empathy allowed me to find the strength to journey deeply and safely within myself, for me to find the power and skillset, to bring the transformation I was seeking."

Past client experiences


“When I contacted Peter, I was at crisis point. Within 5 minutes, he had me seeing things more clearly and taking steps to improve my circumstances”

Marcus Harrison

My recent coaching 4 seasons of change package was totally amazing and an incredible Journey.

Peter took me on a mind exploration in such a way that I could find and reprogram limiting beliefs by turning them into powerful stepping stones in my future vision to make an impact in the world of business management.